Divine Promises Confirming the Divine Destiny of
The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

On several occasions since the Reorganization of the church, the Lord has revealed that the Reorganized Church will remain as an organization to fulfill every divine promise concerning its destiny. Today, many who are disheartened by the changes embraced by the church in its worship, ordinances, theology and message doubt that the Lord will use the church when he moves to redeem Zion. The testimony of the Holy Spirit states otherwise. The following experiences are provided in chronological order. They reaffirm that the Lord will use the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to complete his work. We hope that they will confirm your faith in its ultimate success.

1. Prophecy to W. W. Blair in 1852

After the first meeting of reorganization, Brethren Samuel E. Gurley and Edmund C. Briggs, were divinely commanded to visit certain scattered saints, among whom was W. W. Blair. A messenger told Brother Briggs that Brother Blair would outwit them in their discussion, but that he should remain quiet until he could bear his testimony. The discussions lasted into a second day during which time Brother Gurley was reduced to tears. The following is brother Blair=s account.

"That evening we engaged, in a room by ourselves, in a spirited discussion of the matters they presented, and continued it until the next morning near three o'clock. It was now Sunday, and after our morning repast we again repaired to the parlor, and after fervent prayer as before, in which we all joined, we again entered an a critical discussion of the theories advocated by them. This continued until near noon, and it found us no nearer united than at the beginning. They now seemed to abandon the idea or convincing me of their theories by argument, and in order not to appear opinionated or beyond the reach of argument, I said to them if they knew their position to be correct an matters under consideration to go ahead and that I might possibly learn it by and by.

ABrother Gurley, who had been the chief speaker hitherto, seemed reluctant to say anything further, whereupon Brother Briggs rose to his feet, took the Book of Mormon from the table, leafed it over rapidly as if seeking to and some particular passage, and then placing his hand to his mouth and trembling from head to feet, while the tears coursed down his cheeks, seemed to read these words, >I, the Lord, will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy, and I will forgive whom I will forgive.= But these words are nowhere to be found in the Book of Mormon. Just as soon as he began speaking, the Holy Spirit, such as had borne witness to me of the doctrine of Christ at the beginning, seemed to fill the room and also the persons of all present with its enlightening, convincing, and heavenly power. Brother Briggs raised his right hand and broke forth with a prophecy directed to me, declaring what had been my desires and intentions, declaring also that I would soon be released from my temporal affairs, would be called to the ministry, would be made >an apostle or the Lamb or God,= be called to preach the gospel and >thresh the Gentiles by the power or God's Spirit=; said that the Lord would soon call Joseph, the son of Joseph the Seer, to be president of the church, and that the standard then erected would never fall, also that the work of the Lord would go forth in power and triumph until its final completion.@ (Frederick B. Briggs; The Memoirs of President W. W. Blair; Herald Publishing; 1908; P 8-9)

2. Prophecy at the Conference of 1853

AA special charge given the seven who had been ordained into the Quorum of the Twelve, to take the oversight of the flock in the fear of the Lord, and an impressive warning against becoming heady, with an emphatic reinforcement of the precept, >He that exalteth himself shall be abased.= That false spirits, false prophets, and false christs were in the world, and should come among us to deceive, and some should follow them; but that the organization should remain. That the acts of the conference were recorded in heaven, and the faithful should realize all the promises that had been made from the beginning.@ (Church History; Vol 3; P 223)

3. Testimony of Edmond Briggs on December 8, 1859

AMay God deliver our blessed Church from another apostasy is my fervent, daily prayer. Thank God, I know my prayers will be granted, and though the Church may, yes, will pass through severe trials, yet it will triumph and come off and achieve more than victory, and receive her crowned King in glory; and our apostles and prophets, with the dear Saints, will receive the plaudit, >Well done, for thou hast been faithful.=@ (Edmond Briggs: Early History of the Reorganization; Price Publishing; 1998; P 206)

4. Manifestation to John Landers in April 1860

The scattered saints continued to meet in conference on the sixth day of April in each year, until the year 1860. That year we met at Amboy; on my way to conference, when about twenty miles distant from the place, the Lord said to me: >When you get to Amboy you will see Joseph there, and he will take the lead of the Church; and all honest souls out of all the factions of the several parties will merge into this Church, and there will never more be an entire rejection of the Church.= When I got to Amboy I found Joseph there, and all things transpired as had been told me.@ (Saints Herald; July 24, 1904; P 594)

5. Vision of T. T. Hinderks in 1884

AIn 1884 General Conference was held in Stewartsville. Among other leading men of the Church present at this conference was Apostle Jason W. Briggs. He came over to my house several times and told me about some of the conditions in Nauvoo. He got me to doubting a little about some of the things of the Reorganization, and I got to the point where I thought I would make it a subject of prayer, for the Lord knew I wanted to do right and be with the right people.

ASometime after the conference was over, I had the following dream: I was at the Maple Grove Church and was to preach there at the eleven o'clock hour. While I was on the platform, getting ready to open the meeting, the door on the east side opened, and Brother Joseph came in accompanied by another man, a stranger to me. This was a pleasant looking man, about middle age. I walked up to the prophet and said, >Well, Brother Joseph, I am glad you have come, you are just in time to give us a good sermon. We are all glad to see you.= I had been associated with Brother Joseph quite a good deal, and knew he lost no time in introducing his friends to each other, but this stranger stood behind him and Joseph did not say a word about him. I thought this strange, and as the prophet walked down the aisle, shaking hands with different ones, I went up to the stranger and said, >I guess I will have to make myself acquainted with you. T. T. Hinderks is my name.= The stranger looked at me and said pleasantly, >My name is Wonderful.=

AThis struck me very forcibly, and I mused, >Wonderful. Who can this man be?= He followed Brother Joseph down the aisle, and when they got to the front of the building He raised His right hand and laid it on Joseph's shoulder. Then He turned to me and said, >This is the true Prophet of God.= He continued, >Do you see that over there?= pointing on the east side of our building, where there was a rock about three quarters of a foot square. The rock was rough in places, but in the center of the rock there was resting a piece of pure white marble, a square piece placed in the solid rock. He asked, >Do you see that?= I said, >Yes, sir.= Then He said, >That piece of white marble resting in that head of rock is the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It shall never be moved.=@ (Zion's Ensign, February, 1928)

6. A Vision Given to R. O'Dell on June 23, 1886

A>Thus saith the Lord unto thee, my son, I have heard your prayers and supplications unto me in regard to the Church and its final destiny, and in answer will say that the Church of Jesus Christ of which you are now a member is my Church upon the earth, and besides it there is none other; neither branch thereof, that is acceptable unto me. And Joseph Smith, now at the head thereof, is my prophet indeed; and I will be with him unto the end of his days upon the earth, saith your Lord and

God unto thee.

A>And now. dear brother. I say unto thee, This Church shall remain until I shall come again to make up my jewels, and all that remain faithful unto me shall come forth and reign with me on this glorified earth. I also say unto thee, dear brother, that if thou art faithful unto me, thy days shall be long upon this earth; but they will be full of persecution, trials, and trouble. You shall suffer much

for my name's sake, almost even unto death. You shall, if faithful, receive the priesthood at my hands and shall preach the gospel to many people, and also in foreign lands, and shall be the means of bringing many precious souls into my Kingdom. You shall be also be blessed in a financial way and shall do much good for my Church with your means, which I will place in your hands as my steward.

A>But, dear brother, you will have to live very close to me in prayer and fasting, or you will not be able to stand the fiery trials that shall come unto thee on account of the bitterness that shall come in the Church through th,e desires of the leaders thereof to introduce new and false doctrines, which are contrary to the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the revelations given to my servant Joseph Smith.

A>You will live to see the time when my Church shall be divided because of this false teaching and desire for power of supremacy by those who shall claim the authority to do so. But be not deceived thereby, for I am God! I change not. My ways are one eternal round. Have no hesitancy in aligning yourself with those who refuse to follow this new way. But continue ye in the old path and seek my face often, and ye shall be blessed in so doing. And all that follow in the old way will be numbered with me when I come to make up my jewels.

A>For I am preparing a place for them, that where I am ye may be also. And now, I say unto thee, that if these would-be leaders shall persist in trying to carry out their wishes, which are not in harmony with my will, I will remove them, saith the Lord and your God unto thee, Amen.=

AThe personage left the room immediately and went east in a long stream of light resembling the headlight of a locomotive, and the stream of light seemed to continue for a number of years. I saw many people striving to keep within the light, but some fell by the wayside. Then seemingly after a number of years, I saw the stream of light divide, one part going to the right and the other to the left.

AI saw a few people follow this light to the right, and as they marched onward, their numbers increased till they were a great army, all singing and rejoicing in the Lord till the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ and I saw that the light grew brighter unto the end.

AIn the light going to the left, I saw a great many people seemingly striving with each other and contending with one another, and many going over to the light on the right, till only a few remained. They finally vanished and it became utter darkness.@ (Vision; No. 5; Summer & Fall 1990; P 3)

7. Testimony of I. N. White in 1918

AI have got one [testimony] that I just received a few days ago. I took an extract from my diary just before I left because I thought I might need it. You remember when we were on the lawn last Sunday night here, and while the choir was singing the last song before dismissal, >The angel message= C let me just give you the experience. When the power of God came unto me that my soul was lifted up by the wonderful Spirit, I looked around about me. I felt the glowing influence of the Spirit coming upon me at that time. I did not care to make a show of myself there, but as they sang:

A>I have found the glorious gospel that was taught in former years,

With its gifts and blessings all so free;

And my soul is thrilled with gladness, and banished are my fears,

Since the precious angel message came to me.=

AThen when the chorus was sung:

A>Then praise the Lord, O my soul! Abundant mercy, oh, how free!

In joyful song my spirit doth accord, Since the precious angel message came to me.=

AThen I felt that influence, just like a funnel, fall over me as I sat beside my wife, and heard a voice speak to me and these were the words, as the Spirit rested upon me:

A>This Church will triumph. Though some will fall away, yet the Church will move forward to victory.=

AAnd when the dismissal was had, I went off the lawn by the way of the Order of Enoch, and felt that glow and influence of the Spirit until I got to my home.

AThis is my last and living testimony C that this Church of Jesus Christ that you people are in will live against all opposition, and trials and difficulties brought to bear against it. It is the Church of the living God, the truth, the angel message for the benefit and salvation of the honest in heart, and it will reap its thousands and tens of thousands, and this work will stand in days when the difficulties are to be encountered. For we are living in the sifting time and when people are being sifted out. You have not seen the end of the sifting yet. There will be some sad experiences; but remember that this work is a marvelous and wonderful work. My testimony is my living testimony, and this may be the last opportunity that I will ever have with these, my brethren, to bear my testimony; but let it go down in the archives of this Church that Brother White bore witness and testimony that God, only a few days ago, bore witness that this Church is the Church of God, and it will triumph against all odds, and victory will crown it as one of the truths of the angel message to the world.@ (Zion=s Ensign; November 7, 1918; P 9-10)

8. Vision Given to D. R. Snively in February, 1925

AI saw a large body of water full of stagnation with a beautiful vessel on the opposite side from where I stood. It was moving very slowly, in fact, just barely moving. The sky was overcast with black storm clouds, and the water was covered with a green scum. Suddenly the wind started blowing, and the green scum blew back. The water cleared some, but as the wind receded the scum came floating back. The black clouds had gone, but the sky was still overcast.

AThere was a reef ahead and the vessel was moving slowly toward it. The captain was at the helm trying to steer the ship through the narrow passageway and into the open sea. Some of the crew had left their posts of duty, and had erected a false platform made of new unpainted timber near where the captain was and were standing on this new platform trying to get hold of the helm with the captain. I could see them pushing, pulling and struggling for a hold on the helm of the vessel. The passengers were all on the deck of the vessel watching the struggling crew. On their faces were expressions of fear, sadness and distress. Then suddenly there came down from above a shaft of lightning (only much whiter than lightning so white it was blinding) and struck where the captain and the crew were struggling. It threw the crew and also the platform they had erected into the air. I could see some of the crew clinging to the new boards they had been standing on, and the ones who failed to turn loose were cast overboard and fell into the stagnant pool.

AMost of the passengers slumped down on the deck. Those who remained standing were

dressed in white garments; the others' garments were covered with dust and grime. The shaft of light that came down from above remained right where it struck on the vessel, and those wearing the white garments among the passengers went forth and replaced some of the struggling crew who were cast overboard.

AImmediately the vessel began gaining momentum and passed by the reef and into the open

sea. I was carried along where I could watch it. The vessel was moving very smoothly under her new power, and as it moved swiftly through the clear blue water. I could see the billows and foam rolling from her sides, a most beautiful sight to gaze upon. The passengers had taken towels from their grips, and they were washing their faces. I could see them brushing the dust and grime off their clothing and also brushing the dust and grime off each other. As the vessel was speeding on its way I could see their garments getting whiter and whiter, and the expression on their faces had changed to happiness, delight and contentment. Then I saw a beautiful city ahead and the vessel sailing into the harbor. Above the city was a white cloud of mist with a background that had the appearance of gold, and over the city appeared a large sign in gold letters, >Zion.= I watched the vessel as it came in and docked. Then the vision closed.@ (Unpublished; From a sign copy given to Erwin and Edith Moorman of Lamoni, Iowa)

9. Manifestations Given to Gomer T. Griffiths about 1930

AI seemed to be associated with many others prominent officers in the Church, with the responsibility of caring for and looking after a very magnificent steamboat. This steamer was loaded down with Latter Day Saints, and these officers had the supervision of the boat. It was their duty to feed the people and look after their welfare as well as to care for the boat itself. We appeared to be going downstream on a river similar to the Mississippi. The channel varied in its course. It would be on one side of the river, in the center, and then on the opposite side. We apparently were making good headway but all at once, to our dismay and surprise, the channel grew narrow and the water became very shallow, and it was with difficulty that the steamer could make headway. And now, to our consternation, the channel made a short turn and in view of the narrowness and shallowness of the water, it seemed almost impossible to get that steamer around that short curve C and as a matter of course, those in charge thereof were much distressed over this trying condition confronting them.

AIn process of time the steamer passed over that dangerous period and moved along quite nicely for a time until we came to another narrow spot where the channel grew more narrow and the water more shallow, and there was an abrupt turn which wag worse than the one passed over previously. We were now in a terrible mental condition, for it seemed almost impossible to get the steamer over that danger spot. This time the channel was in the center of the river with little islands on both sides, and to our delight and rejoicing we got the boat over in safety.

AThe steamer moved on now without any further interruption for some distance until finally the channel went to the right of the river and ran up close along side of what seemed to be a steep mountain, which appeared to be perpendicular, from which huge rocks projected, some of them six to eight feet in size. The water got shallow and the channel narrow, more so than had been experienced in the other two instances. If the boat went the least bit out of its course to the right, those rocks would rip it from bow to stern and destroy it. Imagine our feelings at the perilous condition the boat was in, with all those people on board with whose safety we were intensely concerned! The future did not look very bright for the boat nor the people thereon. But a long distance ahead of us we beheld the open sea and our aim was to get our boat there, where she would be perfectly safe.

AI remember I was on deck and was beholding the hazardous position of the boat, and was wondering how it was possible for us to get our boat to the open sea. I looked into the pilot house to see who was at the wheel. To my great amazement and happiness a divine Personage (Christ, the great Pilot) was at the wheel guiding the boat. He did not turn to speak nor look at me for the reason that He had to pay His entire attention to the directing of the boat through this dangerous channel which made it necessary for the boat to move very slowly and carefully.

AAt last, after what seemed to be a long time, because the bad condition of the channel made us move very slowly, the boat reached the open sea with all those on board. Of course there was great rejoicing on the part of those on the boat that the Pilot had so successfully guided the boat through this difficult and dangerous channel.

AAnd then I awoke. For some time I could not comprehend what the dream signified but now I do know because we have gone through two of those difficult periods within the last few years. In 1919 the Church had a trying experience which threatened the peace of many, and as a consequence many lost confidence, but we passed through that period. Again in 1925 we had another trying experience which was worse than the first, wherein hundreds seemingly lost faith in the Church and many of our people deserted the boat and thus suffered themselves to become castaways. But the Church (the steamer) moved on. Now she is in worse distress than in the other periods, and is threatened with destruction C and it is apparent, according to this dream, that it will take her a long time to pass through the present crisis that confronts her. But the divine Pilot, Jesus, will bring her, the Church, through in safety into the deep waters, where there will be ample room and sufficient depth for her to move forward to victory. But it will require great patience and much sacrifice of those who are on board this boat, or the members of the Church of Jesus Christ. Hence the God who told Joshua He would be with him whithersoever he went, will by His great and mighty power, also be with us down here in these last days if we put our trust in Him and seek to do His will more perfectly in the future than we have in the past.

AIn this trying time we should exercise the same faith and implicit confidence in God that Father Abraham manifested of whom it is written, >He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; and being fully persuaded, that what he had promised, he was able also to perform.=

ARemember that the Church will be triumphant in the end in spite of the Devil's efforts to

destroy its existence here on earth. Therefore, let us be of good courage as the Lord has said, and attend to our Heavenly Father's business with all diligence, and He will display His power as never before in the history of the Church in behalf of His people. Christ went through Gethsemane patiently and bravely, and so must we if we are to be privileged to dwell with Him when He shall reign on this earth as King of kings and Lord lords.@ (Saints Herald; December 30, 1931)

10. Experience of John Garver received June 1932

AI recall in this connection an occasion of last June when I was in sore need, and received. This was at Lancaster, Wisconsin. I had for many weeks driven myself to be with as many Saints as I might, to give encouragement. Under continued pressure from the depression, the affairs of the people as well as those of the church were in a bad way. It seemed that material relief was not forthcoming in the measure necessary. I noted how some Saints would help the church financially, but could not. How some could, but would not. I wondered how much longer our families under appointment could continue to serve in the general ministry of the church. How much longer we could continue those who could go on. I recounted over and over again my own weaknesses, and the weakness of my brethren. I magnified our limitations all along the line. I recalled how in past times the church had been broken up, and asked myself if it was to be so again. In this time of discouragement, I asked myself, is the Reorganized Church to break up as an organization, that God shall have again to take of that that remains, and rebuild his church of latter days?

AIt was in this mood, worn in body, and mind, and spirit, I went to the Sunday morning prayer service of this Lancaster conference last June, when it seemed I must have help to move on in confidence that our efforts were to be rewarded. I declined to have any official part in the meeting. I contributed nothing to its success. A goodly number were present. They were active. They were hopeful. They spoke of their confidence in the final triumph of the cause and the church. They built in me a new spirit.

AAnd as I rose up within myself, it was to be met by the Spirit of God. New hope came to me. I can not describe the experience. I can only say, as I sat there under ministry of the Spirit, there came to me its reassuring power. It filled the whole of my being. It brought the conviction the church shall go on. This does not say no man will fail. Anyone of us may fail, or any number of us. But the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints shall go on, and under God's, outstretched hand shall finish the work he has called it to do. This was the assurance of the Spirit that Sunday in June C The church shall go on!@ (Saints Herald; February 1, 1933)

11. Vision Given to Arthur Rock in 1965

AThere is another time in the mid-60's that I heard a voice. It seems that I was in a large building. I'm not going to describe it too carefully. But I saw men leaving their post's of duty. Now this deals with priesthood. And the voice of intelligence said to me, these men are through, they have done all they could to lead the people to the foolish teachings of men. I didn't quite understand in the mid-60s quite what this was. There were many other details and so this was priesthood that apparently, who took the teachings of men, rather than the teachings of God. And the day would come when they would be through.

AAs I walked out that door, I saw a group of men in close formation, dressed in very simple green uniforms, just a simple billed cap. I didn't quite understand, because in the mid-60's there was a lot of militancy that we were hearing about and I was hesitant to walk through their ranks. When all at once the leader motioned and they parted and I walked through the ranks. I contemplated what that could have meant for some weeks. I asked a friend of mine and he referred to the color that it

meant the strength of God and so on. Then it has occurred to me in the intervening years, those were the men that God had prepared to carry on His work. Symbolic, the simplicity of the men, the strength that they had, the age they were, the determination that they had, would carry on God's work and those that were walking out didn't even know they were around.

AI was concerned when I saw back in the mid-60's in this very vivid experience that I had, and I walked the streets and I stood beside some vehicles, there were representative our people in those vehicles and as they looked around they saw they were captured by the enemy, the voice of Intelligence said to me, these people will loose their souls over this. And I was deeply concerned and in prayer because further than that I began to walk up on the streets, I met a sister Mormon, who is not living now, and I looked beyond her as she put her arm on my shoulder and she was crying so awfully and she said, >Oh brother Rock, I'm so happy that some of the priesthood stayed with the Gospel. Sounds like we may have time, a falling away, and I concluded that is what I was seeing at that time.

AA few years later I walked into another building (I won't give you all of the details of it) and it was designated as the headquarters building. And I saw a few of the priesthood gathering some very precious material out of the books and there was an editor standing ready to take the material, and the voice of Intelligence said unto me, >This is for the re-teaching of the people.= Exact words, >for the re-teaching of the people.= The people of this country will have to be re-taught the gospel again, many of them, not all. For the scriptures tell us that there will be a remnant. Now a remnant is a very small group of people that are left.@ (Taken From An 1983 Sermon)

12. Vision Given to Robert Fishburn Circa 1965-1970

As I walked into his hospital room, something happened that I shall never forget. Seventy Robert Fishbum had been my friend because of our family ties through an association that took place in Mexico. He greeted me and said that he had something wonderful to tell me. I could tell that he was still radiant with an experience that he had and he proceeded to tell what the Lord had revealed to him in a heavenly vision. This is the account told to me directly from his lips.

ASome time during a World Conference that was already in session, I found myself seated near the middle of the Auditorium and while waiting for the meeting to start, the prophet arose and walked near to the center of the platform. He stood for several minutes and then began to speak to those that were assembled. He spoke slowly and very deliberately. He said something that must have been profound because it startled all those who heard it. It was so shocking that it created turmoil among all those who were associated with him at the front. The assembly of people, no longer quiet, began talking among themselves. It became a noisy bedlam with signs of anger and frustration. Nothing more was said by the prophet and confusion reigned over the entire assembly. Without any outward command, all those associated with the presidency on the platform closed their briefcases, walked off the platform, down the center aisle, and out through the front doors. Row after row of the delegates followed them immediately. Brother Fishbum did not say what the prophet did at that time, but I understood that the Auditorium was almost empty.

He said that there was more to the vision, but he had been instructed by Arthur Oakman to write the balance of the vision and give it to W. Wallace Smith in a sealed envelope. For several years this account stayed with me. I told only very close friends. I had become very well acquainted with Bob's mother and one day, while visiting her at Resthaven, I repeated this story to her and asked her to interrupt me if any part of the story was not true. There was no interruption until I got to the end in regard to the sealed envelope. Very confidently she said, AIt is all true, but that isn't the end of the story. Bob called Brother Wallace Smith to come and visit with him. Wallace and his son Wallace B. came and stood by his bedside. Bob related the entire vision to Wallace and told him that

there was more in the sealed envelope. He requested it to be kept in a safe place until his death. This fulfilled the instruction that Arthur Oakman had given to Bob Fishburn.

AThe end of the story is this C while the Auditorium was nearly empty of all its delegates, there stood outside the east doors of the Auditorium an army of men, all dressed neatly with their white shirt sleeves rolled up ready to march through the east doors. They took their places in the delegate sections and the conference continued." (Prepared by Elvin Kettlewell, August, 1991)