Exiled Israel
The foundations of the Reorganization are tied to God's covenants with Israel.
Brief History
Read a brief history of how the Reorganization came into existence and the Zarahemla Branch's relationship to the Church.
The Reorganization
Additional history specifically about the events surrounding the Reorganization of the Church.
Current Condition
Examines the current condition of the church.

Zarahemla: It's Meaning, History and Symbol
Read about the name Zarahemla.

Divine Promises
Read some wonderful testimonies concerning the divine destiny of the church.

Full History

Volume 1
History of the period between 1805 and 1835.

Volume 2
History of the period between 1836 and 1844.
Volume 3
History of the period between 1844 and 1872.
Volume 4
History of the period between 1873 and 1890.
The Story of the Church
A condensed version of the history of the Reorganized Church written by Inez Smith Davis.
Joseph Smith, The Prophet and His Progenitors for Many Generations
Early history of the Church written by Joseph Smith's mother, Lucy Mack Smith.