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Branch Update:
Live Streaming Moving to Website

Posted: October 21, 2020

We are glad to announce that our branch's online livestreams will be soon moving to right here on our website! For the past 10 years or so, we have been using Ustream to do the livestreams ( Starting January 1, 2021, livestreams will be here on our website instead of Ustream. Ustream's quality and reliability has been decreasing over the past couple years, while the cost has been increasing.

When the migration happens, the new livestream link will be:

This migration to our own website will do several things:

  • Save the branch a few hundred dollars per year
  • Increase video quality for those who have been having technical issues
  • Add interactive features to the broadcasts, like a way to ask questions during classes
  • Add other new features, listed here:

There are a few dates for you to be aware of:

November 1

The website livestreams will begin in a “public testing” scenario. We will still be working out issues, but it will be available for those interested in being an “early adopter”. :)

November 25

Website livestreams will be officially released, and we will start inviting people to watch at Ustream will still be live until January 1st.

January 1

Ustream will no longer have the livestreams—they will only be on the website. Ustream will have a message directing people to the website.

February 25

The Ustream channel will be deactivated—all links to the current Ustream channel will be broken at this time. However, if you have old links to the Ustream channel, you’ll be able to go to and convert your links for the new website.


"Why are you moving away from Ustream?"

The quality of Ustream has significantly decreased in the past few years, while the price has continued to increase. As many of you can probably attest, Ustream has also become incompatible with some people's devices, meaning that people who used to be able to watch Zarahemla's services live can no longer do so. Moving away from Ustream will allow us to solve all of these problems while also saving money to further the branch's in-person and online ministries.

"Will I still be able to watch services after the move?"

Absolutely! In fact, it will be even easier-- there will be fewer freezes, fewer sound issues, and we're going to make sure that your interactive controls are even easier to use than on Ustream.

"I watch only on Facebook-- does this affect me?"

If you only watch on Facebook, this move doesn't affect you at all! This move only affects those who currently watch on Ustream.

"How will I watch services after the move?"

After the move is completed, Zarahemla's live streams will be available at

"What will happen to my old Ustream links and bookmarks?"

There's a solution for that! After November 25th, you can visit and convert your old Ustream links to ones that will work with the new livestream system.

If you have questions or need help with the new livestreaming site, please feel free to contact our Audio/Visual Department by CLICKING HERE.